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5 Sous Vide Drinks Recipes for Christmas

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5 Sous Vide Drinks Recipes for Christmas

We've shown you how to sous vide your Christmas lunch in 5 simple recipes, but how about when it comes to Christmas drinks?

Yes, that's right, surprising as it seems, you can even prepare festive drinks with the help of these ingenious heated water baths. So set up your sous vide machine, line up your glasses and kill cocktail time this Christmas!

With this handy infographic from Sous Vide (below), you can try 5 cocktails sous-vide cocktails, from crowd pleasers like mulled wine to ginger brandy to offer your sweeter toothed guests. 

While the wine can be served hot, remember to factor in cooling time for the sous vide Baileys and Black Forest gin.

Here they are, the step by step instructions on how to prepare five Christmas drinks. Cheers!

5 Sous-Vide Christmas Drinks

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