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Is it Time to Sous Vide Your Burger?

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Is it Time to Sous Vide Your Burger?
Photo ChefSteps

The burger, though a seemingly simple dish, is one home cooks frequently find difficult to master, both in terms of preparation and cooking, while it is also often one of the most disappointing when eating out, despite the promises of an ‘ultimate burger.’

Is a sous vide burger the answer? ChefSteps certainly seem to think so, and in the video below they certainly make a compelling case for cooking a beef burger sous vide. Okay, so these guys like to sous vide everything, but the method they suggest – popping in the water bath for 15 minutes before finishing on the grill – seems to produce some pretty juicy results. Plus you can get all the trimmings ready while you wait.

Take a look below and let us know what you think. ChefSteps have previously suggested you should sous vide bacon too. At the very least, this video can serve as a nice and simple recipe for a delicious patty.

Or this – is this the elusive ultimate burger we’ve all been dreaming of?

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