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Introducing the Souffle Omelette and How to Make It

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Introducing the Souffle Omelette and How to Make It
How do you like your eggs in the morning? Boiled, scrambled or fried? Well, it's about time to take your breakfast up a notch with the omelette soufflée.
The fancy hybrid of an omelette and soufflée sounds difficult to make but this fluffy protein-packed dish can be yours in no time.
All you need is three large eggs, cheddar cheese and chives. First, you want to separate the eggs in two bowls, whisk the yolks and then add salt to the egg whites and whisk until you get a thick consistency. Add half the whites into the yolk and whisk, finishing by folding in the remaining of the egg whites.
In a pan add butter, pour in the mixture, add cheddar and cover the pan leaving it to cook for 3 minutes. Once its puffed and brown, fold over and serve with a bit of butter and chives.

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