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A Gourmet Snow Cream Recipe

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A Gourmet Snow Cream Recipe
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Snow cream, that delightful icy concoction prepared with fresh snow, is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. As an adult, it may be tempting to eat fresh snow but it may not be advisable health wise depending on where you live. So what's the solution? You can prepare a gourmet snow cream at home using shaved ice.

Gourmet Snow Cream Recipe

A classic old-fashioned snow cream is made up of two ingredients: snow and condensed milk. Vanilla extract is occasionally added to the mix.

The idea is to mix the snow in a bowl while adding a bit of condensed milk a little at a time until obtaining the desired sweetness. If you don't have condensed milk on hand a mixture of cream and sugar may be used instead. Even evaporated milk can be used in a pinch.

To make a gourmet snow cream:

  • crush ice in a high-speed blender to obtain a snowy texture
  • place the snowy ice in a bowl
  • mix in condensed milk to taste

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