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Swap Your Straw for a Spoon - It's Smoothie Bowl Time

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Swap Your Straw for a Spoon - It's Smoothie Bowl Time
Photo The Food Network

If you've been on instagram recently you will have noticed that there's a new food craze taking the health conscious community by storm. Enter smoothie bowls, the new way to enjoy a smoothie. 

What might at first glance look like a basic change of recepticle from glass to bowl is apparantly just appearances, according to smoothie bowl fans. 

Smoothie bowls are much thicker and creamier than their liquid counterparts, and hence eaten with a spoon rather than drunk through a straw. They can also be a great way of clocking up your 5 fruit and veg a day in just one hit. 

The toppings are where you can get really creative, adding additional texture or crunch with an array of different ingredients, your artistic side can shine with the colours used and if you really don't think a smoothie bowl can be creative, just take a look at these wonderful  creations from Smoothie Bowl on Instagram. 

Getting excited yet? How about a video to show you just how easy they are to make? 

For more details on exactly what ingredients you'll require to whip up your own smoothie bowl at home, The Food Network have created this  smoothie bowl breakdown creation.

Still not inspired? Here's 35 smoothie bowl recipes to get stuck into, surely one must catch your eye. 

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