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How to Smoke Eggs, 4 Ways

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How to Smoke Eggs, 4 Ways

Hard boiled eggs make for a handy sized healthy snack ... but let's face it, they're not going to set pulses racing ... at least that's what we thought until we came across the flavourful joys of smoked eggs. 

Yes, we're talking turning those protein power houses into exciting parcels of delicately infused smokey and sophisticated flavour bombs that are guaranteed to make hearts beat a little faster.

Whether you simply want to eat them whole, make deviled eggs, add an edge to egg salads or just enjoy an egg sandwich with a difference, smoked eggs are where it's at.

What's more smoking eggs can be achieved in different ways depending on your available kit and even the type of eggs you have available, take Redzepi's smoked quail eggs for example.

If you've already tried smoked eggs, have you tried salted eggs? Find out more about these creamy, oily rich eggs here. 

How to Make Smoked Eggs?

Smoked eggs can be made one of two ways. Either by hot-smoking or cold-smoking.

Hot smoking is quicker, but runs the risk of rubbery whites. Cold smoking takes longer but there's no risk of rubbery whites.

Smoke Eggs 4 Ways

1. Hot Smoked Eggs

First hard boil the eggs, then smoke them in a smoker at around 225°F for around 20 minutes. Here's a simple recipe from Food Republic on making hot smoked eggs.

2. Cold Smoked Eggs

Hard boil eggs, then cool and peel and place in a cold smoker at 100°F or less and smoke until bronzed in colour, 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

3. Tea Smoked Eggs

Head to lucky rice for their recipe of smoky tea flavoured eggs with orange peel, black peppercorns and star anise.

4. BBQ Smoked Eggs 

Or if the BBQ is fired up, why not try capturing those smokey BBQ flavours in your eggs over charcoal. Find out how in the two short video clips below.

This first technique uses indirect heat cooking the eggs on a raised platform above the grill:


In this second technique the eggs are cooked directly on the BBQ grill:

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