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Single Malt Scotch Whisky: History and Varieties

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Single Malt Scotch Whisky: History and Varieties
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From the malt to the climate to the wood: a variety of factors is what makes “single malt Scotch” so prized and beloved.

It’s a manuscript dated 8 August 1494 that contains the first written account of the term “whisky” (a word that comes from the English mispronouncing of the Gaelic word, usage beatha, which means “water of life”).

There are many different kinds of this distillation, including blended Scotch whisky – produced by the mix of different malt and grain whiskies, single grain Scotch whisky – made by combining different grains but no malt (used as a component of the blended version), and, finally, the single malt Scotch whisky, which is produced entirely in one single distillery and prepared without ever being mixed with products from any other origin.

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