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Single Cup Coffee: How to Make It at Home

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Single Cup Coffee: How to Make It at Home
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For anyone who pays attention to food trends, it shouldn’t be surprising at all. With the rise in “artisan” foods why shouldn’t coffee be the latest foodie obsession? After all, coffee is comprised of about 800 different tastes, and “cupping” is a process just as complex and layered as wine or whiskey tasting.

The odd thing about the single-brewed coffee trend, however, is that customers are willing to pay more and wait longer for something they could easily make at home. After all, the process is simple: grind a small amount of (high quality, freshly roasted beans), pour them into a filter, put a cup under the filter, and pour (purified) hot water over it.

And then wait several minutes. In fact, there have already been several single-cup home brewing machines already on the market, like the Keurig K-cup and the Braun/Tassimo. However, just last week, Starbucks unveiled its new Verisimo” home-brewing, single-cup machine, which will be available starting in late Fall 2012, just in time for Christmas.

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