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10 Simple Last Minute Side Solutions for Thanksgiving

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10 Simple Last Minute Side Solutions for Thanksgiving

When it comes to side dishes for Thanksgiving there are no hard and fast rules. So if you've come unstuck and are looking for a last mintue solution think outside box, think about the veg you have available at home and keep it simple, colourful and plentiful.

We've compiled 10 delicious and classic side dishes for Thanksgiving so you can take your pick from simple mash to bakes, casseroles, stuffing and soufflé. These dishes are require relatively few ingredients and most are ready in less than half an hour leaving you time to enjoy a stress free day.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sweet Mashed Potato

Nothing could be easier than mashing up a big bowl of sweet boiled potatoes. Just add in some milk, butter, salt and cinnamon your delicious side is all set to go.

Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts

Love them or hate them, brussels are a staple of any Thanksgiving. Pair them with chestnuts in this dish with the added twist of balsamic cream and you'll tempt even the most ardent of brussels objectors.

Three Turkey Stuffings

These three stuffings are easy enough to make with most ingredients you'll have knocking around in the pantry around this time. Classic crowdpleasers they draw on all those seasonal flavours making Thanksgiving memories.

Mashed Potato with Pumpkin and Sage

Add an autumnal touch to standard mash by adding in some pumpkin and a touch of sage for an extra twist. You'll have everyone coming back for seconds.

Sweet Potatoes au Gratin

Got the oven on already? Once you've par cooked the sweet potatoes it's simply a case of slicing and layering them into a dish along with a slug of fresh orange juice and maple syrup, add butter and pecans and bake for 15 minutes. Hey presto a sweet and colourful side that will make a great addition to the Thanksgiving table.

Cheese Souffles with Spinach

Feeling a bit more ambitious? These simple cheese souffles with a touch of spinach will certainly impress your guests. 

Green Been Casserole

A classic Thanksgiving side, so simple and inexpensive to prepare it's a great way to get some uncomplicated greens on the table.

Vegetarian Couscous with Lemons, Peppers and Olives

Got some vegetarians coming for Thanksgiving? Try making up this satisfying couscous salad that will also add some zest and Mediterranean flavours to the table.

Cauliflower Bake

Another very easy bake that adds a delicious home made touch to the table. Cauliflower served in a hot and bubbling bechamel sauce fresh from the oven will have your guests asking for more.

Cranberry Sauce

Goes without saying, cranberry sauce is one of those unegotiable classics that will be expected at the Thanksgiving spread. Making up your own batch is surprisingly simple and will always impress your guests you've gone to that extra effort.

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