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Sicily, the Home of Some of the World’s Finest Wines

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Sicily, the Home of Some of the World’s Finest Wines

Wine has been made in Regaleali since 1100 A.D. But in Sicily, wine has been in homes forever. Cultivation originated with the Phoenicians and then the Greeks; according to mythology, the first wine was created from the tears of the God, Dionysus.

After centuries passed, local wines were still relegated to household use. But since the 1970s, things have changed radically and people refer to the “Sicilian miracle”, which has brought high-quality Sicilian wine to the world’s attention.

It’s been an extraordinary period for this sector, thanks to the cultivators’ competence, enthusiasm and of course, their unique land. Grape varieties found here include Nero d’Avola, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Nerello mascalese, lnzolia, Alcamo, and white and red Etna.

But it’s also suitable for International grape varieties like Chardonnay, Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot. And here, the sweeter wines are widely considered to be among the world’s best: passati, malvasie and muscats are nourished by the sun and sea, and originate often on the small islands around Sicily.

Like the moscato from the island of Pantelleria, which is perfect for enjoying with dessert and dry pastries and should be enjoyed cold. Or malvasia from Lipari, a classic wine for ageing. And of course there’s Marsala, a sweet and magnificent aperitif or a lovely way to finish an elegant dinner.

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