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Scientists Make Shapeshifting Pasta

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Scientists Make Shapeshifting Pasta

A team of scientist working at MIT say they have developed a flat pasta that changes shape as soon as it hits water.

The programable pasta shapes are the work of Dr. Wen Wang and Dr. Lining Yao whose idea could radically reduce packaging and shipping sizes for noodles and pasta.

The most exciting part of the idea is that the pasta shapes are not random, with the pair working hard to take control of how ingredient reacts when its placed in water.

The shapes are made by using two different methods: the first is to apply a bacterium that shrinks and expands according to humidity, this bacterium is also used to ferment soybeans. The second method involves using gelatin that absorbs water and expands.

By playing with these two factors the duo have produced some impressive results including flower petal pasta.

Take a look at the video below for more.

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