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5 Surprising Uses For A Serrated Knife

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5 Surprising Uses For A Serrated Knife
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How often do you use a serrated knife? If it only sees the light of day when cutting bread then you've been missing out. This tool is incredibly versatile and its jagged edge makes it ideal for cutting everything from fruit to winter vegetables and cake. So move over are five other uses for a serrated knife:

Winter Squash

Next time you slice into winter squash try using a serrated knife. The blade will cut through the vegetable’s tough skin and provide extra support for slicing and dicing irregular shaped veggies like butternut squash.

Need to cut up a melon in a hurry? Use a serrated knife to slice through this thick-skinned fruit. Not only will your cuts be steadier but the serrated knife will help peel off the skin with ease. It works great on all types of melons.

It can be tough to cut through the spiky skin of a pineapple. That’s why we favor a serrated knife for this task. Lay the pineapple on its slice and slice off the top and bottom. Then stand it upright and use a serrated knife to make vertical slices and peel off the skin quickly and safely.

How do professional bakers get perfectly flat cakes? The secret lies in using a serrated knife to even out the surface. The length of a serrated knife ensures you can slice through a 9-inch round cake can in one single swoop.

A serrated knife will cut through a tomato’s delicate skin in seconds. Another bonus? The saw-like blade glides easily without applying pressure to the fruit so you don’t end up with a mushy tomato. We like to use a standard serrated knife for slicing large tomatoes and a serrated utility knife for cutting bite-sized tomatoes in half. 

What About You? What foods do you like to cut with a serrated knife? Tell us in the comments below!

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