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Five Ways to Seduce With Meat

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Five Ways to Seduce With Meat
Photo Robert Young / Flickr

How is your partner? Passionate, romantic or maybe shy? However your lover is, here are some tips to seduce while eating...

With its extraordinary versatility in cooking, meat can make any type of partner happy. Thousands of different recipes and cooking techniques can transform its texture and taste.

Here are a few suggestions:

A shy lover? Settle him down on the sofa and pop some tempting spicy meatballs into his mouth. 

An insatiable, passionate lover? Present him a barely seared sirloin steak or a juicy fillet served rare.

A partner with inhibitions? Braised beef in Barolo will leave him defenceless and encourage an intimate tête-à-tête. As well as warming body and soul. 

A romantic lover? Escalope with lemon sauce or mushrooms, especially if served in the garden when the bougainvillaea is in full bloom. 

An exhausted lover? What better than a tartare of raw meat or a fresh carpaccio? Perfect for a rapid revival and energetic comeback after making love.

Meat may be enjoyed with any wine of your choice, but mineral water must be sparkling.

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