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The Seasonal Food Guide

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The Seasonal Food Guide

Want to stay seasonal in the kitchen but unsure exactly what products are in season and when? Thanks to modern farming and all year round availability of fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets we’re quickly forgetting seasonality and how much better things taste when we eat foods that are at their best.

This simple infographic by To Doodle Design, created for the Brockley Market, lists a range of ingredients and shows exactly when they’re in season. From apples and asparagus to watercress and wild rocket, this chart means you will never eat out of season again.

Get ready because one quick look shows that spinach, broccoli, morel mushrooms and radishes are all coming in April - just think of the recipes you could prepare in advance.

If you’re looking for other charts that are perfect for the fridge check out his Kitchen Cheat Sheet.





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