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The Scoville Rating, Now That's Hot!

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The Scoville Rating, Now That's Hot!

We talk a lot of spicy foods at FDL HQ and see a lot of stories about people incorporating spice into everyday items - such as super spicy vodka or the chili based lollipop.

Since 1912 we have used Wilbur Scoville's chart to measure the heat of chili and it seems that every year producers manage to pack extra Scoville heat units into their chillies.

This infographic from  Pancho Villa Taqueria sets out to show the varying degrees of heat on the Scoville chart and just how they correspond with each chili. The the timid Bell pepper which begins at zero to the mighty Scorpion Chili Pepper  with over 2 million units and the title of being the world's hottest chili.

What's your comfortable Scoville level?


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