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10 School Dinners Around the World

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10 School Dinners Around the World

We all remember standing in line for school dinner when we were a child, plastic tray in hand and full of anticipation as to what ‘Wednesday’s’ menu might be. At some point we’ve probably also joked about just how bad those meals were, school dinner gets a bad rap.

As much as we joke about school dinners many children around the world are treated to some pretty interesting meals during their lunch break and this infographic highlights a few.

Created by Bidvest 3663, the infographic looks at different school dinners around the world with 10 different schools dinners from Finland to China listed.

It’s interesting to see what other cultures serve to their chidden with French pupils apparently receiving a five course meal including a cheese plate. In Brazil, 30 percent of the food contained in school dinners must be sourced from a local family farmers.


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