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What's The Deal with Savory Yogurt?

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What's The Deal with Savory Yogurt?
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Instagram is blowing up with gorgeous renditions of savory yogurt. But do you know what this trend is all about? Let's take a closer look.

What is savory yogurt?

Savory yogurt, also known as vegetable yogurt, is a growing trend in the West. It is similar to smoothie bowls with the exception that it pairs plain yogurt with savory add-ins such as chickpeas, vegetables, gourmet salts, oils and spices.

Is savory yogurt actually new?

As with all things that come into fashion, savory yogurt is an evolution of traditional foods.

Savory yogurt has been around for millennia in the cuisines of the Middle East and Far East. Think of the Indian raita, Greek tzatziki or even the yogurt salads popular in countries like Turkey and Armenia.

 Here are some creative takes on savory yogurt concoctions making a splash around the web:


#Savoryyogurt. All the rage!

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