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8 Must Know Recipes for Your Sauce Repertoire

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8 Must Know Recipes for Your Sauce Repertoire
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Mastering the knack for sauces is to demonstrate a certain level of culinary prowess. 

Nailing that silky bechamel, flavourful red wine sauce or a salty caramel sauce will certainly help you win friends and influence people.

Here is a selection of essential sauce recipes well worth knowing about, including currywurst which might even surprise some of your friends.

If you really want to get back to basics, take a look at the five mother sauces that form the basis for countless other sauces.


Who better to learn a classic bechamel sauce from than the Simili Sisters.  The ultimate ingredient for a successful Italian traditional lasagne. Follow the top tips to cook out the flour and avoid that unwanted starchy flavour.

Vegan Bechamel Sauce

Vegan? No problem you can still enjoy a dairy free bechamel sauce.

Thai Soy Dipping Sauce

This simple thai dipping sauce will make a great addition to Thai meals.

Currywurst Sauce

Ever wondered what goes into the street food currywurst sauce? Ketchup, water and margarine just to name three ingredients. Find out the rest here.

Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel will elevate your desserts to new heights. This sous vide recipe for salted caramel sauce uses techniques learnt at the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab.

Steak and Red Wine Sauce

We turn to the experts at Chefsteps for their top tips on how to make the ultimate red wine sauce perfect to enjoy with a succulent steak.

Homemade Tomato Sauce

Making your own tomato sauce is one of those sauces that will always give you that feel good factor.

Pesto Sauce

One of Italy's best known sauces based on fresh basil, pine nuts and olive oil, is a simple dinner solution with fresh pasta.

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