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Recipes For Lunch Sandwiches

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Recipes For Lunch Sandwiches
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What's the key to the perfect lunch sandwich? It has to be easy to make, delicious and tempting enough for you to distract you from ordering a pizza.

Two slices of tender bread wrapped around the filling of your choice can be as exciting as you make it. What it really comes down to it are the fillings. The possibilites are basically endless - do you prefer crispy bacon, juicy pork or deep-fried falafel?

In the recipes below you'll find perfect sandwiches for every day of your work week. Eat up, and remember, your sandwich is only as good as it's ingredients. Select the freshest ingredients for the best tasting sandwich. Enjoy!

BLT sandwiches

Pulled pork sandwiches

Egg salad with pitta bread

Rocket, omelette and tomato baguettes

Falafel sandwich

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