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Michelin Starred Chefs Make Sandwiches in Many Ways

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Michelin Starred Chefs Make Sandwiches in Many Ways



Last week we brought to you our best slow-cooking recipes by Michelin-starred chefs. We kick off this week with our favourite sandwich ideas from top chefs around the world. You don’t need a slow cooker for any of these sandwich recipes, but instead go get the broiler cracking and jump on the path to sandwich perfection. Whether it’s the humble grilled cheese, a French ham and cheese sandwich, or a fried po boy roll, these star chefs are here to show you how it’s done. 

1. Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Steak Sandwich: his steak sandwich recipe is full of expert advice covering every step of the way to make the ultimate steak sandwich. From choosing the best cut of steak, making a beautiful tomato relish with basil, to checking the doneness of your steak, Ramsay has got you covered. 


2. Heston Blumenthal’s bacon sandwich recipe: the chef goes low-brow with American-style hot dog mustard for his hearty, simple bacon sandwich that anyone can make at home.


3. Daniel Boulud’s jambon-beurre: just four ingredients go into Daniel Boulud’s fancy French ham sandwich. Yes, there is a lot of butter and that is a good thing. 

4. Thomas Keller’s croque madame: the chef shares his recipe for the iconic croque madame from his Bouchon Bakery menu. Follow him in this step by step process of how to put together this French café classic.

5. Daniel Humm’s gruyère sandwich: Humm of Eleven Madison Park, NYC makes his favourite grilled cheese with tomatoes and prosciutto. His secret ingredient - a touch of kirsch that adds a spice to an otherwise simple grilled cheese. 

6. David Kinch’s ultimate oyster po boy sandwich: the chef of the three Michelin star Manresa in Los Gatos, California, tries his hand at fried oyster po boys seasoned with a special spice mix. 

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