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Salvadoran Cuisine: 8 Traditional Dishes For Your Bucket List

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Salvadoran Cuisine: 8 Traditional Dishes For Your Bucket List
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The cuisine of El Salvador is rich and varied. This Latin American country is flanked by Pacific Ocean to the south, Guatemala to the northwest, and Honduras to the north and east - all of which result in a colorful and flavorful cuisine.

Corn is a staple crop and naturally finds its way into many dishes, along with rice, beans, and tomatoes. You'll find plenty of seafood, tropical fruits, meats and refreshing beverages to keep you well fed during your travels.

Below is an overview of Salvadoran cuisine and some of the traditional dishes you'll want to try.

What is the most popular food in El Salvador?

Hands down, the most popular dish in El Salvador are pupusas: thick corn tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese or beans.

Pupusas are positively addictive and make a great appetizer. They are commonly served with a cabbage salad known as curtido and a tomato salsa.

Other Traditional Salvadoran food


Tamales are a type of steamed dumpling made from corn dough containing a meat filling. Unlike Mexican tamales, which are wrapped in corn husks, the tamales in El Salvador are wrapped in banana leaves.

Sopa de pata

You can't talk about Salvadoran food without mention sopa de pata. This hearty soup contains an array of vegetables cooked with cow's feet and tripe. It's the perfect antidote to any cold or hangover.


Pasteles are fried pockets of dough stuffed with meat. This delicious savory pastry is known as empanadas in other Latin American countries.

Yuca Frita

A delicious side dish made of deep fried yuca.  It makes for a fabulous appetizer when served with chicharrones (fried pork skins).



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The name of this drink translates to salad. However, it is a sweet beverage prepared with a mixture of fruits. It is refreshing and a fun way to get your fill of fruit for the day.

Salvadoran desserts


Don't be thrown off by the name, as this is actually a cake. It is prepared with fresh cheese, eggs, butter, milk and flour.

Tres Leches

A flavorful spongy cake soaked in a delectable blend of three different kinds of milk: whole milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk.

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