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Gourmet Salt Varieties Explained

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Gourmet Salt Varieties Explained
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Any fine diner already knows that gourmet salt comes in many other shapes and colours than what we keep on our tabletops.

Pink, grey or Balinese? Here’s a look at some of the world’s most particular gourmet salts you can have on your table.

Pink Himalayan Salt
This pure salt is collected by hand and contains 84 different elements, minerals and metals. Known for its curative properties, it’s commonly used by spas or beauty centres for body care. It’s ideal for all kinds of dishes.

Grey Atlantic Salt
The colour comes from a particular type of clay that mixes with mineral salts and salt. The unique characteristic of this salt is its subtle, salty aftertaste that makes it suitable for fish dishes and white meat.

Hawaiian Pink Salt
With its particular shade coming from clay, this salt is ideal for roasted meats or grilled fish. It’s perfect for being ground or crushed along with aromatic herbs.
Black Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Sea Salt
Containing vegetable carbon, this salt achieves a strong depurative action in the digestive system. It’s perfect on fish and used often in haute cuisine for its decorative effect. There’s also a green Hawaiian salt, mixed with bamboo leaves, suitable for giving dishes a spicy aroma.

Smoked Yakima Sea Salt
It’s an integral sea salt from the Yakima region, in the state of Washington, famous for its apple orchards, whose wood is used to smoke the salt. Perfect for all kinds of grilling, especially pork and white meat. There are many kinds of smoked salt, with different aromas.

The English salt in flakes, much beloved by chefs – perfect for giving a dish a special touch: being a crystal, it slowly melts in your mouth and using it in cooking ensures interesting contrasting effects. It works very well with soft consistencies, wonderful on chocolate.

Balinese Salt
A flaked salt whose pyramid shape is utterly unique in the world. It comes from the Indian Ocean around the island of Bali and is perfect for giving food not only a savoury flavour, but a nice crunch.

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