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5 Salads To Help You Detox From Thanksgiving

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5 Salads To Help You Detox From Thanksgiving

Is turkey the last thing on your mind after your huge Thanskgiving feast? We don't blame you. These turkey-free salads will help you detox from your holiday indulges. Bursting with flavor and nutrients, they are the perfect go-to for a light lunch or dinner.

Red Cabbage and Hazelnut Salad

This colorful salad made with a simple vinaigrette will help you get back to good.

Thai Beef Noodle Salad

A hearty turkey-free salad laced with Thai spices, vegetables, meat and fresh herbs.

Fennel and Orange Salad

This refreshing combination of citrus and fennel makes a perfect compliment to seafood or chicken.

Warm Potato Salad

The addition of salmon and dill are a welcome change after indulging in Thanksgiving turkey.

Cobb Salad

A classic cobb salad will keep your belly full so you don't feel tempted to reach for leftover pie.

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