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16 Ways To Kick Up Your Salads

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16 Ways To Kick Up Your Salads

Perhaps you've made a resolution to eat better in 2015 or maybe you just happen to have a weakness for avocados. Whatever your reason for indulging in salad, here are 16 ways to make them all better with the help of add-ins like nuts, vinaigrette and everyone's favorite food: bacon.

These easy fixes will ensure you won't get bored eating your greens. In fact, you'll want to eat them even more often thanks to dressings in enticing flavors like rosemary-thyme, sesame-ginger and cilantro-lime. What's great is that these 16 combinations are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to use them as inspiration to create your own unique salads.

Here's the ultimate salad chart courtesy of the Huffington Post:


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