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5 Ways To Add Sage To All Your Fall Recipes

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5 Ways To Add Sage To All Your Fall Recipes
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Cooking with sage has got to be one of the highlights of fall. This robust herb is highly aromatic and a little goes a long way, which is great because you can get a lot of use from just a few sage leaves.

Sage performs best when cooked with a little bit of fat - whether it be brown butter or olive oil - which allows it to release its essential oils and become more aromatic. So keep that in mind when cooking. 

Curious to know more? Here are some wonderful ideas and sage recipes for fall that will help you get the most of this robust herb.

1. Use Sage in Mashed Potatoes

Here's an easy way to kick up regular mashed potatoes: add some fried sage.

We have a stellar recipe that pairs mashed potato with pumpkin and sage for the ultimate Thanksgiving side.

Learn how to make this sage recipe for fall.

2. Pair Sage with Pasta

Sage adds incredible flavor to vegetarian pastas such as this pumpkin lasagna made with hazelnuts and goat cheese.

It also adds killer flavor to butternut squash ravioli.

3. Mix Sage into Meatloaf

Tired of ordinary meatloaf? Kick things up a notch with sage.

Try this recipe for meatloaf baked with an herb sauce. This technique would also work well with meatballs.

4. Use Sage to Season Poultry

Sage is the perfect way to turn a regular roasted chicken into a delectable main course. The same holds true for turkey, especially if you stuff it with a sage-infused stuffing.

Try rubbing dried sage on your bird along with salt and pepper before putting it in the oven.

5. Add It To Dessert

Sage in sweets? It's totally possible thanks to this unique recipe from the folks at Modernist Cuisine.

This Garnet yam fondant with sage foam makes a grand finale to a dinner party.

Also discover the many uses of turmeric, an ancient Indian spice prized for its healing properties.

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