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An Indian Favorite, Saffron-Scented Cauliflower

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An Indian Favorite, Saffron-Scented Cauliflower
Photo Jeremy Keith/Flickr

Called gobi in Hindi, cauliflower is cooked in a multitude of ways in India. This particular recipe calls for sauteeing cauliflower with saffron, the world's most most expensive spice. This exquisite recipe for saffron-scented cauliflower is an exciting way of preparing a vegetable that is often bland.

To make this dish, its best to start by blanching your cauliflower. This shortens the cooking time once you begin sauteeing all the ingredients. You can add as little or as many chilies as you'd like. But the most important thing is to cook your cauliflower until it is tender and has absorbed all the spice flavors.

If you are a lover of Indian food, try your hand at making other Indian dishes like biryani rice, Mysore bonda or mango lassi.

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