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Rutabaga: What is it and how to Cook it

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Rutabaga: What is it and how to Cook it

Rutabaga or swede is the large, rotund autumn/winter root vegetable with a sweet earthy flavour worthy of some attention when the outside temperature dips and thoughts turn to comforting casseroles and oven ready roasts.

If you haven't heard of rutabaga, you might know it by one of its other like yellow turnip, Swedish turnip, Russian turnip, or simply "neeps" as it's affectionately known in Scotland.

If you've never tried rutabaga, it's inexpensive, healthy, abundant and a real stalwart of the winter larder, so try giving this bulbous vegetable some love this winter. Fine Dining Lovers show you how!

What is Rutabaga?

This autumn winter veg is a member of the cabbage family. Think of it as a cross between a cabbage and a turnip with purple-green skin.

What does Rutabaga Taste like?

Peel the skin off to reveal a yellowy-orange flesh with a sweet, earthy and slightly bitter and peppery flavour. 

Rutabaga Vs Turnip

Confusingly rutabagas are often referred to as turnips. However, they are easy to tell apart. Firstly, rutabagas are much bigger than turnips.  Rutabagas also have yellow flesh, while turnips have white flesh.

How to Cut a Rutabaga?

Rutabaga are often sold with a waxy coating in the Americas, which can make them difficult to handle. In other countries you'll need to make sure you give the skin a good wash before you get peeling. Watch the clip to discover the easiest way how.

How to Cook Rutabaga

Rutabaga are easy to cook. Simply roast them in chunks, mash them or boil them and serve with lashings of butter or bake them into piping hot cheesy side dishes or throw them diced into stews and casseroles.

Rutabaga Recipes

Try Martha Stewart's recipe for a hearty Shepherd's pie with rutabaga topping.

Or, go on the Scottish theme, and try the traditional celebrative Burns night dish of "haggis, neeps and tatties". Here's the recipe.

If you want to try an oven bake this fondant swede gratin recipe works equally well as a main dish or side.

Fans of Branston Pickle might also be interested to know that rutabaga is one of diced vegetables that adds crunch to the British jarred chutney.




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