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Rum Balls Galore: 5 Video Recipes To Help You Master This Holiday Treat

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Rum Balls Galore: 5 Video Recipes To Help You Master This Holiday Treat
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Who doesn't love to sink their teeth into a delicious rum ball come the holidays? This festive treat is easy to prepare at home and makes an ideal gift for a hostess or that special foodie in your life.

Rum balls come in a variety of flavors and can be made with ingredients like cake, cookies, nuts, condensed milk, dates and different spices. The rum ball recipes featured below stand out for their ease of preparation and wonderful flavor. 

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5 Festive Rum Ball Recipes

Pecan Rum Balls

These Southern rum balls are made from a blend of pecans, vanilla wafers, honey and dark rum. They are rolled in sugar as a finishing touch.

Chocolate Rum Balls

This fun chocolate rum ball recipe features a blend of biscuits (cookies) with cocoa powder, coconut and dark rum.

No Bake Rum Balls

This rum ball recipe is a great use for leftover chocolate cake. It is blended with dark rum, condensed milk and raisins - a tasty holiday treat. 

Coconut Rum Balls

You can easily make coconut rum balls by blending together plain biscuits (cookies), condensed milk, dessicated coconut and dark rum. The trick is to form the balls then roll them in coconut for a spectacular snowy white look.

Rum Balls without Nuts

Leftover brownies are the base of this easy rum ball recipe without nuts. The brownies are soaked in rum, and the mixture is rolled in balls, refrigerated, and covered in melted chocolate. Yum!

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