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10 Tops Food for Romantic Moods

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10 Tops Food for Romantic Moods

Valentine’s Day is here tomorrow with couples around the world sitting down for romantic candlelit meals. As you can see from the Infographic below, jewellery is the number one Valentine’s gift of choice closely followed by the act of dining out.

With this in mind we decided to highlight some romantic, aphrodisiac ingredients that you should add to your restaurant order or kitchen fridge if you’ve decided to cook at home.

The idea that certain foods should carry an aphrodisiac property is nothing new, rumour has it that Julius Caesar only invaded England to feast on the native oysters that would make him a better lover. Their are many foods that people believe will improve your love life, some based on superstition, some on historic tradition and others on new found scientific data.

This infographic from Slixa looks at some of the foods to have proven aphrodisiac qualities and splits the ingredients between male and female preferences.

For women it’s all about bananas, red wine, chocolate and cheese and for the men it’s all about oysters, avocado and believe it or not, garlic. The chart goes on to offer up some tips on foods to avoid when trying to set a romantic mood.



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