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Roero Arneis

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Roero Arneis

Coloured a delicate shade of straw yellow with hints of green tones, an intense perfume with aromatic and floral notes like rose; fresh fruit notes like peach and green apple; and vegetal notes with hints of peppers. The structure and body are both light and soft, and the acidity lends a pleasant note of freshness. The final gustative persistence is subtle.

It is a wine well-suited for delicate preparations like salads, and vegetable first courses with rice or pasta. It’s particularly appreciated in the summer for its freshness and gustative fragrance, its moderate alcohol content and balance, but also for its aromatic fruity and floral notes, which harmonize with the accompanying food.

This wine harmonizes perfectly with Acqua Panna, which helps bring out the wine’s structure and the pleasing notes of freshness, affirming a well-proportioned balance and wholesome personality

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