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Watch: How to Build an Indoor Roasting Pit

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Watch: How to Build an Indoor Roasting Pit
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Perhaps you’ve been inspired by a recent Game of Thrones marathon and fancy chowing down on some delicious spit roast meat. But, it's cold outside, so much so that it almost resembles the bleak frozen wastelands of the northern reaches of Westeros. Well, all you need are a few basic materials to create your very own indoor roasting pit according to this video from ChefSteps.

How to Build an Indoor Roasting Pit


Of course, the first thing you will need is a working indoor fire and adequate ventilation (plus a fire extinguisher to hand and some heat–proof gloves). Then, foil-wrapped trays to reflect the heat onto your chosen meat (in this case a suckling pig), hardwood, vegetable–filled trays to collect the flavoursome meat juices and a cheap cooking spit.

Get Roasting

Find out the best way to cook a suckling pig using your new indoor roasting pit below. Swords, shields, and various other Game of Thrones paraphernalia are optional. Why not check out this ChefSteps video on how to select the perfect meat?

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