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Rice Traditional Remedies

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Rice Traditional Remedies

Suggestions for using rice as an ingredient in traditional home-made beauty and health recipes.

Even the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries can learn from traditional remedies, which traditionally use rice starch to cure many ailments. While expensive and sophisticated products based on rice starch can be found at cosmetic counters all over the world, the ingredient is also still used in traditional home-made remedies for small ailments.

When left in the pan together with fresh-cooked rice, rice starch eaten in this way can help us to recover from bad intestinal infections. It’s best eaten on its own.

Powdered rice starch, bought in its pure form from the herbalist, is cheap but can work wonders when used as a remedy for irritations linked to personal hygiene.

A teaspoonful, when boiled in water, can be used to sooth the irritated skin of newborn babies, without unwanted side-effects.

A few teaspoonfuls dissolved in bathwater helps to heal sunburn, while rice starch mixed into boiled, mashed carrot, when spread over the face, becomes an all-natural anti-ageing mask.

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