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6 Colorful Rice Recipes For Spring

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6 Colorful Rice Recipes For Spring
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With these rice recipes you'll be able to add a dash of color to any festive spring meal. We've selected a variety of savory rice recipes that would pair well with an Easter ham or a nice Mother's Day roast. Those with a sweet tooth will also enjoy indulging in tropical rice-based desserts like sticky coconut rice with mango. Be sure to keep these recipes handy as they'll definitely become family favorites.

1. Risi e Bisi (pictured above)

This ancient recipe hails from Venice and involves cooking rice with peas, ham, cheese and pepper.

2. Fried Rice with Scallions

Leftover rice is perfect in this recipe that's made colorful with a handful of chopped scallions.

3. Taiwanese Curried Rice

A paella-style Taiwanese rice recipe featuring seafood and red, green and yellow peppers.

4. Southwestern Rice Salad

This festive rice salad with beans and corn is great for picnics, pot lucks and garden parties.

5. Cream of Basmati Rice

This unique dessert recipe from chef Omar Allievi pairs fragrant rice with carrots, hazelnuts and lime.

6. Coconut Rice with Mango

A fun tropical dessert made with sticky coconut rice topped with fresh mango slices.

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