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Waitress's Life Changed With 5 Amazing Tips

By FDL on

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Waitress's Life Changed With 5 Amazing Tips

In the video below a waitress expecting to have a regular day at work is shocked as her life is changed forever by a series of extravagant tips.

It begins with a simple $1000 tip left by a lone diner, quickly followed by a couple who explain they have no cash but instead leave two vouchers for an all inclusive holiday with flights. Just the beginning. Her next customer ups the anti by explaining she’d like to offer her a dream job and to top off what has to be the best collection of tips in history, her last customer gives her a key for a car waiting outside the restaurant, with a bonus surprise inside it.

The elaborate prank was played on Chelsea Roff by the team at who have launched a Prank it Forward campaign by teaming up with practical jokers to deliver sudden joy to unsuspecting people.


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