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René Redzepi's Christmas Goose Recipe

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René Redzepi's Christmas Goose Recipe

René Redzepi is the head chef at Noma in Copenhagen, three times voted the world's best restaurant, and in a recent post for The Guardian the Danish chef has layed down his recipe for Christmas goose.

The chef explains that goose, unlike chicken or duck, is actually a difficult bird to cook because cooking must be timed perfectly. 
Redzepi explains how the bird should be prepared a days in advance, hung to dry and eventually stuffed with all sorts of goodness to make it delicious and juicy on the big day. 
He finished by explaining how to create a sauce with the goose offal and juices in the pan. A simple recipe and a suggestion that's a little different to the usual Turkey.  
However, if goose just isn't traditional enough for you and only a turkey will do, here's an FDL guide on how to roast a turkey like a boss. 
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