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Make Cucumbers Taste Better with This Cool Trick

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Make Cucumbers Taste Better with This Cool Trick

A perfect cucumber is wonderfully refreshing but we’re sure you must have come across cucumbers in the past that pack that somewhat bitter flavour. Usually a chef will balance this out with some salt but we’ve just come across a video that suggests a quick rub of a cucumber at the ends will help to reduce bitterness in the ingredient.

It sounds crazy and the video below of someone rubbing away at their cucumber also looks crazy, but apparently the idea is to release the compound cucurbitacin which is found inside a number of ingredients including cucumber, melon and squash.

Cucurbitacin concentrates at the stems and ends of cucumbers, just cutting off the ends will help remove most of the bitter taste but the video bellow suggests rubbing the ends to eventually release a white foam that contains the cucurbitacins.

Appliance of science remains slim on this idea but people in the comments online swear by the method, it also seems that it’s a widely used technique when preparing cucumbers in India.

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    This trick also works with courgetes.

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