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Revamp Your Refrigerator and Keep Foods Fresh for Longer

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Revamp Your Refrigerator and Keep Foods Fresh for Longer

The amount of food that people are wasting is becoming a bigger issue as more focus is placed on a future of conservation.

Throwing food away is one of those terrible tasks that's never an enjoyable thing to do - sometimes it's down to over buying, bad management of foods or even, bad fridge settings.

That's right, the way your fridge is configured and arranged can have a large effect on how long the ingredients inside the fridge stay fresh.

This great infographic from Part Select looks at a number of fridge factors and offers up advice on how to optimize your refrigerator for best use. From tips on exactly where each ingredient should be placed to what settings to choose and how to maintain your machine.

If you're fridge is currently in a mess, don't worry, keep cool and take a look at this.


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