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4 Easy and Refreshing Summer Drinks on a Fruity Theme

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4 Easy and Refreshing Summer Drinks on a Fruity Theme
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The weekend is nearly here so we have put together a selection of 4 simple to prepare refreshing summer drinks suitable for a weekend gathering. Whether you’ll be cheering on the men on finals day at Wimbledon or enjoying any excuse for a summer party, these refreshing summer drinks are easy to prepare in large batches in advance of the event to hand to thirsty guests as they arrive.

We’ve both covered alcoholic mixes and a non-alcoholic alternative so non-drinkers can enjoy delicious and refreshing summer drinks too.

Apple punch with rhubarb and redcurrants

A refreshing thirst quencher, this alcoholic punch recipe is as easy to prepare as it is fruity and comes with added fizz.

Melon punch with Lemon balm

This is best prepared a couple of hours before guests arrive to allow the melon sufficent time to chill and the Grand Marnier and sugar to soak in.

Red Sangria

A classic, Sangria needs little introduction other than to say, by all means use a cheap red Spanish wine, but at the same time make sure it’s drinkable to avoid any sore heads the following day.

Citrus fruit and berry punch

Try and prepare this one the night before, the citrus fruits pack a non-alcoholic punch where non-drinkers won’t feel like they’re missing out.

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