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Red Wine Hot Chocolate: 3 Ways To Make This Decadent Winter Drink

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Red Wine Hot Chocolate: 3 Ways To Make This Decadent Winter Drink
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There are many ways to kick up hot chocolate. Marshmallows, brandy, whipped cream and even a dash of cayenne pepper are all popular options. But there is one addition that make these all sound like child's play: red wine.

Yes, red wine hot chocolate is the trendiest drink this winter. There are dozens of versions on the internet but all agree on one thing: chocolate and wine are a killer combo.

How To Make Red Wine Hot Chocolate: 3 Tasty Recipes

To make the best red wine hot chocolate you'll want to start off with high-quality dark chocolate. This will be added to the milk so it can melt as it cooks. 

A sprinkle of sugar will help it be perfectly sweet while the addition of your favorite red wine will make it boozy enough. We prefer full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon but a Malbec or Shiraz are great options too.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate with Merlot

Here is an easy red wine hot chocolate recipe using Merlot from the folks at Forkly:


Red Wine Hot Chocolate with Bittersweet Chocolate

Or you can cozy up to a mug of red wine hot chocolate made with bittersweet chocolate. A heavy dose of whipped cream with shaved chocolate is the perfect garnish. Here is the must-try recipe from PopSugar:

Red Wine Hot Chocolate a la Jacques Torres

If you really want to chef it up, try this tip from famed chocolatier Jacques Torres: mix hot chocolate with mulled wine.

The spices will beautifully perfume your gourmet red wine hot chocolate. You can try this recipe for mulled wine (pictured below).

Torres told the New York Times that adding a bit of condensed milk to the hot chocolate mixture will add extra creaminess.

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