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How to Cook Artichokes: 5 Delicious Ways of Cooking Artichokes

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How to Cook Artichokes: 5 Delicious Ways of Cooking Artichokes
Photo Peter Werkman/Flickr

Baked, fried, or maybe stuffed: these enticing main course recipes prove that cooking artichokes need not be a challenge. Whether you prefer to handle fresh produce or simply open a can of artichoke hearts, you'll find great ideas to lear how to cook artichokes and pair them with pasta, seafood and even Moroccan spices.

Feast your eyes on the enticing recipes below and, remember: when deciding how to cook artichokes all you really need is imagination!

Chicken Tagine with Artichokes
Bring a little bit of Morocco into your kitchen with this fragrant chicken tagine flavored with artichoke hearts,  green olives and saffron.

Octopus with Artichoke Hearts
Here's a tantalizing main course featuring tender octopus, artichoke hearts and green beans tied together with a sun-dried tomato and chorizo jam.

Deep-Fried Soft Crabs and Artichokes
Baby artichokes are paired with golden, crispy soft shell crabs in this exquisite recipe from Venice's famous restaurant Vecio Fritolin.

Macaroni and Clams with Artichokes
Roman artichokes are the backbone of this delightful pasta recipe with fresh clams - a dish from renown British chef Theo Randall.  

Lamb Ragú with Artichoke Hearts
Sous vide is the magical technique used in cooking artichokes in this stick-to-you-ribs recipe from renown Italian chef Andrea Berton.

Top image courtesy Peter Werkman

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