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Recipes With Chili Peppers

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Recipes With Chili Peppers
Photo McKay Savage/Flickr

Cooking with chili peppers can be tricky. How much should you use? When should you add them to your dish? 

While the big rule of thumb is to deseed the chilies if you want to lower their heat content, the best way of learning how to deal with chilies is by cooking with them. Luckily for you, our collection of recipes illustrates just how easy it is to add a fiery kick to your dishes.

You can begin your spicy adventures with this Indian pork curry with raisins or this coconut-based shrimp curry with rice. Both are equally delicious and hot enough to make them addictive. The trick with curries is to add the chilies at the precise time indicated in the recipe - not one second sooner or later.

Vegetarians will enjoy this meatless chili which gets a kick from chili powder. Another great spicy option is this refreshing banana chili soup (pictured above) with coconut milk and soy sauce.

Finally, if you have a sweet tooth you can't miss this vegan recipe for luscious mini chocolate chili cupcakes (pictured above). For more on chilies, check out our A to Z guide on chili peppers.

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