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Ramsay Teaches Butchers How to Make Perfect Steak

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Ramsay Teaches Butchers How to Make Perfect Steak
We love watching Gordon Ramsay hit his boiling point, there’s just something great about watching the Scottish chef blow his lid. Like that time someone tried to serve him his own recipe. 
As much as Ramsay has made a name for himself by shouting and criticising people in the restaurant business, the chef has also spent a lot of time teaching people how to actually be better chefs. 
In the video below, Ramsay sets out to teach a a group of student butchers what it takes to cook the perfect steak. 
Ramsay is on a mission back in his hometown in Scotland and is shocked to find that the local butcher’s shop he used to buy meat from has now closed. 
Ramsay is happy to find a group of young people learning the profession and takes it upon himself to teach them all they need to know in order to cook up a perfect steak. 
There’s some nice tips in the video as Ramsay sets aside his loud anger and instead takes on a role of teacher. 
Take a look and learn some new tricks for the next time you want to cook a perfect steak at home. 
We also love this video which shows an interesting technique for ensuring your steak is succulent soft and caramel crisp. 

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