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Ramen Noodle Burger Recipe

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Ramen Noodle Burger Recipe
Photo via Buzz Feed

The Ramen Noodle Burger Recipe

Ramen Noodle Burger fever is not settling down as people across New York spend hours in line desperate to grab a taste of the latest greasy craze.

However, not all of us have enough this dedication or enough hours in the day to ensure we can sample the Ramen Noodle Burger,in fact, most us don't even have a vendor selling them in our city.

That's why this post by SortedFood posted on Buzz Feed, showing people how to make The Ramen Noodle Burger at home, is attracting so much attention.

The process seems simple enough and the post on Buzz Feed includes a step-by-step pizza guide allowing all of us to have a stab at making our own Ramen Noodle Burgers.

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