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Behold the Ultimate Ramen Cheat Sheet

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Behold the Ultimate Ramen Cheat Sheet
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Want to cook the ultimate ramen? We've got the best cheat sheet to help you cook up a delicious batch of noodly goodness.

This visual guide covers all the basics – from the type of noodle to the proteins, vegetables, aromatics, seasonings and broths you should use to make delicious homemade ramen.

The ramen cheat sheet also includes step-by-step illustrations of how to get the cooking process just right. Plus, recommended flavour combinations so you can whip up different types of ramen with ease.

What proteins can you use in ramen?

The best part about ramen is that it is a canvas for you to mix and match your favorite ingredients and flavours.

When it comes to proteins you can take your pick from vegetarian options like tofu and tempeh to animal-based proteins like pork belly, ground beef, chicken breast and soft boiled eggs.

You can also use any seafood you like. Popular options include shrimp, crab meat and scallops.

What about broths?

The four major types of ramen broth are miso, which is a fermented bean paste, shoyu (a broth made with soy sauce), a clear broth by the name of shio and tonkotsu, which is made from boiled pork bones.

More About Ramen

Take a look below for the lowdown on how to make killer ramen. If you need extra help you can always turn to these handy videos from ramen master Ivan Orkin.


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