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Raisin Recipes: 15 Sweet and Savoury Ideas

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Raisin Recipes: 15 Sweet and Savoury Ideas
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Raisins are the great stalwart of the store cupboard. The dried white grapes not only keep well, but they also lend themselves to a variety of sweet and savoury raisin recipes with global influences.

Most cooks have a stash of raisins knocking around in the kitchen cupboards somewhere - perfect for occasional snacking but also right at home in mueslis, cakes, breads and mincemeat and chutneys. What's more, they can even be soaked in alcohol like brandy or rum to add an extra dimension to their sweetness.

Take your pick of sweet and savoury recipes below and voyage around the globe, from India to Persia and the UK to Greece and release your sweet and succulent raisins into the best recipes.

Raisin Recipes

Savoury cooking with Raisins

Lagan Nu Achaar (Indian Dry Fruit Pickle)

This traditional Persian sweet and savoury wedding recipe is chock a block with dried fruit. Find the recipe for dry fruit pickle here.

Spiced Pilau Rice with Raisins

Perfectly cooked pilau rice studded with thinly sliced crunchy almonds and succulent raisins serves as an irresistible main dish or side. Find the recipe for spiced pilau rice with raisins here.

Pasta con le Sarde

In Italy, raisins even go with pasta and sardines in this popular and traditional dish from Sardinia. Find the recipe for pasta with sardines here.

Greek Dolmades

Stuffed vine leaves can be found on most tables in Greece, but did you know that they also contain raisins? Discover the Greek dolmades recipe here.

Indian Pork Curry with Raisins

Discover this sweet and sour fiery pork recipe from India, with curry paste, chilli, tamarind and raisins in the Indian pork curry recipe with raisins here.

Red Cabbage Strudel with Raisins

Red cabbage loves sultanas. Try this unusual take on a sweet and savoury pastry with red cabbage strudel.

Grilled Fish Kebabs with Couscous and Raisins

Raisin-studded couscous is the perfect accompaniment to these succulent fish kebabs.

Sweet Recipes with Raisins

Sweet Bread Rolls with Raisins

Sweet bread studded with raisins makes for a delicious bread start to the day. Discover how to bake these sweet beauties here.

Nougat Cake with Raisins

Tray bake cake is always an easy party pleaser. Try learning how to make this nougat cake with raisins and you'll have all your future parties sorted.

Raisin Macaron

These refined biscuits are the perfect introduction into baking with raisins. Find the recipe for raisin macaron here.

Italian Ricotta Cheesecake

Chef Theo Randall shares his recipe for a luscious cheesecake studded with plump and juicy raisins. Here's the Italian ricotta cheesecake recipe.

Fruitcake with Sugar Glaze

Where would fruitcake be without raisins? Avoid ever finding out by baking this raisin laden fruitcake with sugar glaze recipe.

English Apple Pie

Hot unctious apple pie is great on its own, but raisins add extra textural depth and interest. Find the english apple pie recipe here.

Granola with Raisins

Raisins are the essential sweetness in this breakfast time favourite. Find the granola recipe here and kick start your day the homemade way.

Pumpkin  Cookies with Raisins

Make these easy autumnal cookies championing pumpkin with the sweet pop of raisin. Discover the recipe you need here.


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