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Jewel-Colored Corn, The Natural Way To Eat The Rainbow

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Jewel-Colored Corn, The Natural Way To Eat The Rainbow
Photo Greg Schoen

Yellow corn is so yesterday. Why not kick up your next meal with a side of rainbow corn? That's right. You can now enjoy a mouthful of bejeweled corn that will steal the show at your next barbecue.

This beautiful rainbow corn was developed by Carl Barnes, an Oklahoma farmer who is part Cherokee. Wanting to reconnect to his roots, Barnes began cross-breeding heirloom seeds used by Native Americans in centuries past.

The result is this stunning rainbow corn that is festive, all-natural and just the thing to get picky kids to finally eat their vegetables.

However, don't expect rainbow corn to be available at your local grocery store just yet. If you have a green thumb you can purchase seeds here to grow your very own crop. The corn will be ready to harvest after 110 to 120 days.

In the meantime, just keep your fingers crossed a farmer near you decides to grow this eye-catching corn varietal.

Via Foodiggity

all images by Greg Schoen

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