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Rainbow Coffee Art: Rainbow Coffee Art Is The Latest Food Trend

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Rainbow Coffee Art: Rainbow Coffee Art Is The Latest Food Trend
Photo ibrewcoffee/instagram

Las Vegas barista Mason Salisbury has given us one more reason to head to Sin City. He's created rainbow coffee art that is almost too beautiful to drink.

Salisbury works at Sambalatte where he decorates coffees with different food dyes to obtain the rainbow effect.  The colorings are added to the steamed milk before the foam hits the coffee. 

His colorful cappuccinos and lattes are the antidote to dull mornings. Sip on a rainbow coffee and you may start to see unicorns. In all seriousness, his coffees are definitely a nice way to perk up your day.  

How To Make Rainbow Coffee Art

If you are curious about making your own rainbow coffee art at home allow this video to inspire you. It features cool designs for everything from multi-colored tulips to a latte inspired by the late American singer Prince.

Salisbury's Rainbow Coffee Art

Here's a look at some of his rainbow coffee art but you can see more on his Instagram account ibrewcoffee.

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