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5 Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes

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5 Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes

Most days we don't want to think twice about what to pack for lunch. That's when quick and easy lunch recipes come in handy.

Things like egg salad with pitta bread (pictured above) or chickpea puree with crackers and herbed soft cheese make great options for when you are running short on time but still want a home-made meal.

Tabouleh, aka bulgur salad (pictured above), is another great option given you have time to spare for prepping veggies. Meat lovers will enjoy this simple and tasty Thai beef salad with rice noodles - a quick stir fry with a touch of spice.

A fun recipe that will surprise you and others is this banana chili soup, which takes only 20 minutes to make and serves up to four people.

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