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What Is Limber? Learn How To Make This Puerto Rican Icy Treat

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What Is Limber? Learn How To Make This Puerto Rican Icy Treat
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Growing up in Puerto Rico meant enjoying a delicious refreshing limber on hot days. This icy treat is a favorite afterschool snack for kids but adults love them too. Join us as we discover all there is to know about Puerto Rican limber, your soon-to-be favorite ice cream treat.

What is limber?

Limber is essentially a Puerto Rican-style ice cream. It has the texture of a popsicle but it is frozen in a plastic cup. There is no popsicle stick inserted in the center so it must be enjoyed by squeezing the cup so the limber pops out and you can suck on it. Many people like to flip the limber upside down so they can eat it from the bottom up. 

History of Limber

Believe it or not, the roots of limber date back to a pilot who flew to Puerto Rico in 1920s. His name was Charles A. Lindbergh and he was the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. On February 4th, 1928 he flew to Puerto Rico (coincidentally, it was his 26th birthday) and was greeted with frozen juice cups. Since then locals started freezing juice and calling it ''limber,'' according to Caribbean Trading

How To Make Limber

Limber is most commonly made from tropical juices so they come in a great variety of flavors: guava, tamarind, coconut, acerola cherry, and mango are popular flavors. Many other varieties exist including milk limber (made from a mixture containing condensed milk), grape, lemon, orange, and even soda flavors.

The trick to making a Puerto Rican limber is having the right ratio of juice, water, and sugar.  After blending the ingredients together the mixture is poured into small plastic cups.

Make sure you have plenty of freezer space as the cups have to remain flat while they solidify. Afterward, they can be stored in a plastic bag to retain their freshness.

Tempted to make this easy treat at home? Here are some recipes that will help you make Puerto Rican limber like a native.  

Puerto Rican Limber Recipes

Coconut Limber

Coconut limber is number one on our list of favorites. It is creamy, refreshing and with just a hint of sweetness.

You can make the recipe in the video by combining: 1 cup of coco milk, 1 cup of coconut cream, 1 cup of evaporated milk, and sugar and ground cinnamon to taste.

Piña Colada Limber

Piña colada limber is a fun flavor that will instantly transport you to the tropics. Watch how to make it with this video from Buen Provecho TV.

Tamarind Limber

The sweet and sour taste of tamarind makes this tropical fruit perfect for limber. Try this recipe: 2 cups of tamarind juice, 1 cup of water, sugar to taste. Combine well and pour into cups. Freeze overnight.

Peanut Butter Limber

This is a non-traditional flavor but a delicious one. Peanut butter makes a great base for limber as it is creamy. Yum!

Guava Limber


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Guava is naturally rich in vitamin C and when you mix it into limber you have an immune-boosting treat. To make it: blend 1 cup of frozen guava pulp with 1 1/2 cups of water and sugar to taste. Mix well and pour into plastic cups Freeze overnight.

Hungry for more?

Learn how to make another Puerto Rican staple: a holiday drink known as coquito, aka coconut eggnog.

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