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Proper Tasty's Video Recipes Have Got Comfort Food Covered

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Proper Tasty's Video Recipes Have Got Comfort Food Covered

Facebook can sometimes prove to be a gold mine when it comes to cooking. Especially if you've discovered Proper Tasty, Buzzfeed's fastest growing Facebook page with close on 4 million followers.

The dedicated Facebook channel uses short and simple videos illustrating 'proper tasty' recipes that appeal to the British love of comfort food.

Why Do People Love Proper Tasty's Videos?

“It taps into a simple truth: People love tasty foods and the kind of foods that remind them of their childhood, comfort food, or food that reminds them of an experience,” says Frank Cooper, BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer in Fortune.

Don't expect lists of ingredients, proportions or any explanations as the videos go along as there are none. Just unadulterated viewing pleasure and tasty recipe inspiration in more or less 60 seconds.

This is recipe inspiration for the impatient cook looking for quick and inspired ideas that aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.

Here are just three of their most tempting recipes below. Swing by the site for a veritable feast of other quick fix ideas.

Lasagne Roll-Ups

Within 24 hours of being posted this recipe video for lasagne roll-ups had racked up over 20 million views, 140k comments and over 200k shares.

Ham and Mushroom Cheesy Garlic Bread:

Turn a standard loaf of bread into a cheesy piece of art.

Crisp Coated Chicken Nuggets

Crunchy chicken nuggets needing nothing more than a bag of crisps and a fresh chicken breast.

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